Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just another day

Well today was a typical day in rehab. We have 3 new patients; a barn owl from Utah county, a great-horned owl from Carbon county and a golden eagle, also from Carbon county.
The great-horned owl was taken into our vet's office today.
Not too many people realize that all vet's are not the same. It really shouldn't be that hard to figure out. Not all human doc's are the same either. Some are specialize and then, even in those specialties, some are better than others. Our vet is in Utah county and is specialized in birds. Now, only recently have some vet colleges started offering wildlife medicine, another specialty. These specialties require more time in school and most vet's are anxious to get out of school as soon as possible, so only a small percentage specialize.
The vet performed an x-ray of the owl and hopefully after his rehabilitation, which will be awhile due to the severities of his injury and complications set-in from that injury, he may be releaseable. After all, that is the goal for all of our patients as a wildlife rehabilitator.
By this time of year, we are usually slowing down, but fall migration sometimes has a "spurt" of problems for migrating birds. All 3 of our newest patients don't fall into this group. They just happen to be in trouble this time of year.
More later.....

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Feathered brothers and sisters, you came to us broken and as you bled…….we saw you desperate, dehydrated, desiccated, diseased, distressed, emaciated, famished, frayed, frightened, helpless, hungry, ragged, ravenous, shaken, shocked, shot, sickly, stressed, stunned, tattered, thirsty, traumatized, torn, weary and wounded. Defiantly, you stood us off with your last breath as we tried to tend to you. We saw you come in as cute, naked, fuzzy, cuddly youth, as mischievous, defiant adolescents, as fierce, regal rulers of the sky and as cunning, maimed elders whose time on earth was almost done. You endeared yourselves to us, bit us, charmed us, footed us, delighted us, hissed at us, talked to us, mantled at us, and graced us with your presence.

Some of you mended and were able to go on your way, never looking back. Some of you were injured in ways that prevented you from going, so you stayed with us to teach us…….And we came to love you. Others were too far gone, and you went home - where you fly free from pain with the Great One. All of you have touched us, and we are changed because of you.

used with permission by Arlene Powers