Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's sure busy around here.........

Sorry for the delay in posting, but it's spring and that means baby season. We have a lot of little orphans of many species, such as magpie's, squirrels, prairie dogs, finches, starlings, robins and more. This post will show a lot of those babies and Diane, one of my volunteers, feeding many of those babies. Diane is living on coffee right now!
The newest golden eagle has been named Zuma. He has quickly gotten his strength back and is now in the flight with Ivy and Fremont. Hopefully Ivy will be having surgery sometime in the next week or so. Right now due to how busy we are, scheduling surgery will be difficult. Once her pins are out, we can determine more about her prognosis.
We were finally able to get Glory transferred to the Zuni people. I've included pictures of that transfer. Nelson Luna, with Zuni Fish and Wildlife, New Mexico, met us in Moab, Utah for the transfer. It went great and I'll be checking in with Nelson in a few days to see how Glory is adjusting. I hope she'll be happy in her new home.
We also got our little duck, Bubbles, released. After a lot of sub-cutaneous fluids and Dawn bubble baths, she finally got her strength back in her legs and became waterproof again and floated like a duck should float. I was glad we could help her get through this. It was a lot of work, but well worth it. Her release pictures will be in the next blog.
Last, but not least, a raven that was found by Diane that should have still been in his nest, was rescued and brought here. There was no way to put him back into the nest, so we brought him here and cared for him. Diane had mentioned that she thought she knew where the nest was, so she and I took a drive and indeed, a large raven nest was near where Diane first saw the baby. I decided to go back in the evening as the parents may return to the nest area to roost and after a little wait, there they were, so Connie went and picked up the baby and when she arrived, our raven started calling and the parents flew towards us. I told Connie to toss him and as she did, he joined his parents, flying and calling back and forth. It was wonderful. You could hear the joy and excitement between them. After awhile, they flew back to the cliff area near the nest and I sat and watched and listened to the exchanges between them. As I drove away, you could still hear the cawing back and forth; a family reunited. I love it when things work out like that!
Well, I'll get to the photo's. I will soon have to feed babies again!

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Feathered brothers and sisters, you came to us broken and as you bled…….we saw you desperate, dehydrated, desiccated, diseased, distressed, emaciated, famished, frayed, frightened, helpless, hungry, ragged, ravenous, shaken, shocked, shot, sickly, stressed, stunned, tattered, thirsty, traumatized, torn, weary and wounded. Defiantly, you stood us off with your last breath as we tried to tend to you. We saw you come in as cute, naked, fuzzy, cuddly youth, as mischievous, defiant adolescents, as fierce, regal rulers of the sky and as cunning, maimed elders whose time on earth was almost done. You endeared yourselves to us, bit us, charmed us, footed us, delighted us, hissed at us, talked to us, mantled at us, and graced us with your presence.

Some of you mended and were able to go on your way, never looking back. Some of you were injured in ways that prevented you from going, so you stayed with us to teach us…….And we came to love you. Others were too far gone, and you went home - where you fly free from pain with the Great One. All of you have touched us, and we are changed because of you.

used with permission by Arlene Powers