Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Good bye Crash........

Well it's been a little busy and what HAS been going on has required a lot of traveling. I hope the van continues to hold out.

Shortly after the Eared Grebe situation, a Common Loon was also grounded. We took her out to Desert Lake as well. Diane, a volunteer we have mentioned in the past,
went with me and released her.

She was the only Loon out there at that time.
Diane and I stayed and watched the birds for awhile.
Something I forget to do much anymore; sit and enjoy the birds!

We also had a Red Tail Hawk come in from Moab.
This poor little guy had ate something large in one gulp and it became stuck in his crop.
As a result of it not moving out of there, it became rotten and he became septic and very thin.
We fixed him right up and got that critter to move out of his crop and then gradually began to feed him cleaned red meat, with no bones or fur to make it easier to digest.
He finally started to get stronger and along with some antibiotics and subcutaneous fluids every day, started to put on weight. After several days, we moved him into the flight and got him strong again and he was released yesterday. I don't have pictures since Tony Wright, a Wildlife biologist that bands our birds, did the honors as he was headed that way. I hope the Red-Tail remembers to take little bites in the future!

We also released Crash, our Bald Eagle. What a spectacular event.
The last post was of the television coverage of the event.

There is a video attached to that link.

Crash flew like a champ!
The weather was perfect.

I don't know if he'll hang around Utah or chose to move north. Either way, I hope he does well and I'm sure he will as he is already a teenager and knows how to hunt and what he's suppose to do with himself.
I hope he avoids
roads in the future.

I think we have placement for the two non-releasable owls, Teasdale and Aretha. If all goes as planned, Aretha will be heading to North Carolina to live as a foster mom for orphaned babies.
Teasdale will be going to an education facility in Wyoming. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
We still need to have Willow's eye removed. I am going to have her looked at by our vet's in Salt Lake that take care of our eye problems and confirm that she still needs it removed and then work on getting that taken care of.

Well, there are more stories of new patients, but they will have to wait for another post. Sorry,
time for sleep!

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Feathered brothers and sisters, you came to us broken and as you bled…….we saw you desperate, dehydrated, desiccated, diseased, distressed, emaciated, famished, frayed, frightened, helpless, hungry, ragged, ravenous, shaken, shocked, shot, sickly, stressed, stunned, tattered, thirsty, traumatized, torn, weary and wounded. Defiantly, you stood us off with your last breath as we tried to tend to you. We saw you come in as cute, naked, fuzzy, cuddly youth, as mischievous, defiant adolescents, as fierce, regal rulers of the sky and as cunning, maimed elders whose time on earth was almost done. You endeared yourselves to us, bit us, charmed us, footed us, delighted us, hissed at us, talked to us, mantled at us, and graced us with your presence.

Some of you mended and were able to go on your way, never looking back. Some of you were injured in ways that prevented you from going, so you stayed with us to teach us…….And we came to love you. Others were too far gone, and you went home - where you fly free from pain with the Great One. All of you have touched us, and we are changed because of you.

used with permission by Arlene Powers